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Share Europe Initiative Presented at Philea Conference Back

Share Europe Initiative Presented at Philea Conference

24 May 2024

Our Director André Wilkens presents the Share Europe initiative, a bold response to Europe’s pressing challenges! Born from the spirit of the 1950 Schuman Declaration, this initiative reinvigorates the European philanthropic landscape by pooling resources, empowering civil society, and fostering solidarity among Europeans. As we face wars, climate threats, and digital upheavals, Share Europe embodies a proactive philanthropy committed to shaping a hopeful, united, and resilient continent.

The future of Europe demands more than traditional approaches; it requires a transformative vision that leverages collective effort and shared purpose. Share Europe is not just a fund; it’s a movement toward impactful, cooperative philanthropy that addresses fundamental European challenges head-on. Join us in making this visionary initiative a cornerstone for a better Europe, where shared goals and resources lead to tangible improvements in the lives of its citizens.

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