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Radio Europe Day

26 Apr 2023

To celebrate #EuropeDay23 we invited guests to our party to contribute their favourite EuropeDay song. The spotify playlist Radio Europe Day is the compilation of your contributions.

Next to contributing their favourite song, we asked them to explain their choice in a few lines. All these explanations together helped shape this popular compendium Radio Europe Day, for #Europeisyours. Here are some of them:

O-Zone  – Dragostea din tei 
This song managed to “conquer” all corners of Europe, and more than ten years after its release it still seems fresh in people’s minds. The song comes from a part of Europe often overlooked and considered “less European,” the language of song is not popular.

Pino Daniele – Una jurnata di sole
I believe in the universal expressiveness of songs with a strong connection to the area and local culture they originate from. This song embodies Napolitan language and culture in the most beautiful and sunny way.

Mahala Rai Banda – Ederlezi 
Roma are the biggest European minority and live in most European countries. Ederlezi is an internationally renowned traditional Romani song celebrating the arrival of spring.

Europe – The Final Countdown   
“We’re leavin’ together. But still it’s farewell. And maybe we’ll come back. To Earth, who can tell?” Sorry for the pessimistic contribution, but this is a song everyone knows and loves to sing-scream to. Yet the lyrics are clear: we’re in the final count

Alessandro Mannarino – Arca Di Noè
Because it describes why Noah built a large boat in which he saved himself, his family, and a pair of every kind of creature during the flood. To me all people living in Europe should look at it as a boat or as a means of solidarity to together fight against common problems while staying united!

Mano Negra – King Kong Five    
Years ahead of the popularity of their lead singer Manu Chao this band brought a mestizo sound to all corners of Europe, symbolizing a continent in connection with its neighboring regions and showcasing how cultures can merge into an explosive and danceable mix.

Stromae – Santé  
Santé is a toast to workers in jobs that are often overlooked but indispensable within society. The song therefore shows a social engagement that is important for Europe as a continent.

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