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Quarantine Culture Tips Back

Quarantine Culture Tips

1 Jun 2020

We may need to stay inside and limit our live social contacts, but we can still expand our world and use our imagination in other ways. There is a lot more out there then Netflix. To expand our world and imagination in other ways we have curated European cultural picks by our staff to get you through the quarantine. Below we categorized a list of Quarantine Culture Tips, that will be updated daily and shared on our social media channels.

Films to watch

Ukraine Sheriffs

Our first #QuarantineCultureTips is Ukraine Sheriffs by IDFA – the documentary festival with whom we collaborated with on their 2019 track ‘Life in Europe’ – it has more than 300 of their documentaries available online for free. IDFA describes the film as ‘the adventures of Viktor and Volodya’ filmed with a keen eye for the comical side of everyday situations.

“The False Grandmother”

In 1956, Italo Calvino published Italian Folktales, a series of 200 fairy tales based sometimes loosely, sometimes more strictly on stories from a great folk tradition. In 2007, John Turturro, the star of numerous Coen brothers and Spike Lee films, began working on Fiabe italiane, a play adapted from Calvino’s collection of fables. This animated video features Turturro reading “The False Grandmother”. Watch here.

Wes Anderson’s social distancing

Director Wes Anderson is famous for his meticulously designed movies. Turns out he also plays with notions of what we nowadays all know as ‘social distancing’. See for yourself.

Tired of Netflix? Broaden your world and imagination with Eastern European Movies in English and watch popular Eastern European movies with subtitles in English, French, German and other languages on their site online. Have a look here.

Cannes Sundance and Tribeca Film festivals

Attend this year’s Cannes Sundance and Tribeca Film festivals from the comfort of your own couch. More info on how to stream it here.

Artists’ Film International

Artists’ Film International is a collaborative project featuring film, video and animation from around the world. During 2020, works responding to the theme of language will unfold across all 20 partner organizations. While their venues’ doors may be shut, they will be screening this exciting international work online.

Navid Kermani: 2017 ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture portrait film

Novelist, orientalist scholar, journalist and ECF PMA laureate Navid Kermani’s writing spans many forms. His exceptional contribution to the cultural debate has been to challenge increasingly extremist narratives of discrimination and racism, arguing instead for greater solidarity in the face of fragmentation. Watch our portrait film that dives into his novel Sozusagen Paris and more.

Movies that Matter 2020

Movies that Matter teamed up with Pakhuis de Zwijger to organize four screenings of high-profile films from the festival selection of Movies that Matter Festival 2020 along with filmmakers and appealing guests being present. Watch the discussion of ‘Winter Journey”‘ here.

The Calvert Journal

Four iconic 90s movies from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are now available in English and online for 2020’s Tashkent Film Encounters. Free to watch till June 16. Via The Calvert Journal. Have a look here.

Art to see

Get a little culture and education while you’re confined to your home with a virtual tour that lets you experience museums from London to Seoul.

Take a tour of both cities illustrated with digitized cultural heritage collections from around Europe. From European museums, galleries, libraries and archives. For example to take a city trip to Galway and Rijeka, European Capitals of Culture 2020. Check it out here

The China Guide

It’s time to tick off those bucket list boxes, why not visit the Great Wall of China, now that you finally have some time due to working from home. In the normal time of your commute virtually transport yourself to Badaling.

The POP Platform

Almost all of the national museums, numerous museums in France and national monuments provide databases of their works, virtual tours and educational proposals. POP, the open heritage platform, opened in 2019 by the Ministry of Culture, greatly facilitates access. Check it out here.

Sadler’s Wells Theater

Sadler’s Wells Theater has put a lot performances online. See modern dance and try some of their magic yourself afterwards to stay fit too. Sorry. Do not try this yourself. But do enjoy. Watch their digital stage here.

Art in Quarantine

Wreading-digits started the initiative “Art in Quarantine” to activate a different type of transmission chain, aimed at an exchange, reflection and artistic creation at a critical moment of public health on a global scale, with visible cultural, social and economic impact for everyone. They invite all interested parties to make their contributions (text / visual, sound and / or multimedia), via e-mail. More info on their FB page here.

The Social Distancing Festival

The Social Distancing Festival is an online artist’s community made to celebrate and showcase the work of the many artists around the world who have been affected by the need for social distancing that has come about due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


The international network of Goethe-Institut launched Kulturama. “Kulturama brings international culture into your living room.”


Manuel Rossner’s Art Show “SURPRISINGLY THIS RATHER WORKS” is open. By downloading an app, you will be able to move inside the König Gallery, climbing on the sculptures, coming into environmental installations and doing many other things that would not be allowed in reality. Have a look here.

Crawford Art Gallery

In this new 8-part series, Crawford Art Gallery explores the stories of their Sculpture Galleries and uncover curious things that usually only curators get to see! Discover sculptors ‘secrets and makers’ marks, focus on flash lines and fig leaves, and seek missing arms – and even extra feet – as Abbey Ellis traces the tales of their cast collection. Have a look.

Òmnium Cultural

Òmnium Cultural asks you to join them in this effort to create a photo-mosaic that will serve as a lasting legacy of people’s lives during this pandemic. You can upload your photo and find more information about the project here.

75 virtual museums

Upgraded Points put together an ultimate list of 75 world-class museums that offer virtual tours that you can visit from the comfort of your couch. Have a look here.

All We Have

All We Have brings together personal snapshots of lives tripped up by Covid-19 globally. In their digital exhibition, you will find private stories, personal fears and intimate hopes. It includes images and multimedia stories from over 65 countries and counting. Have a look here.

Online Holland Festival

Starting today Holland Festival will present an alternative online programme that has been put together in consultation with the artists from all over the world who were scheduled to perform in the 2020 festival. Every day from the stated time, they will present the work of the relevant artists on the performance pages. Find streamings, video clips, podcasts, texts and images here.


Check out the Best Virtual Tours in Ireland with its 7 amazing tours around the country from the comfort of your home. While they don’t exactly replicate the same experience as the real thing, they do offer you something new to do besides binging your favourite shows.

Music to listen to

Berliner Philharmoniker

Due to the Berliner Philharmoniker being closed, it can now be streamed into your home – on your TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. Live or on-demand from their archive.

Rotterdam Philharmonisch Orkest

Adjusting to a new reality due to the corona-crisis, the Rotterdam Philharmonisch Orkest virtually played Anthem of Europe for the Netherlands. “Anthem of Europe” is based on “Ode to Joy” from the final movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. “Ode to Joy” is the anthem of the Council of Europe and the European Union, promoted as a symbol for the whole of Europe. Watch the video here.

Monsieur Onde

The Monsieur Onde project aims to make symphonic music more accessible and to sharpen the listening of listeners by accompanying them in their discovery of major works from the repertoire. From tag to tag, according to his curiosity and in music, he travels 260 years of symphonic repertoire thanks to more than 160 musical extracts from the orchestra. Have listen here.


The Dutch musical duo Weval is known for impressive video-clips, but for their clip ‘Someday’ director, Páraic McGloughlin delivered something very special. As one of the commenters writes: “The universe has been successfully downloaded into your mind.” See the clip here.


Paris based équipe RadioMinus put together musical mixes for kids. Music from all countries, all styles, all eras, music that appeals to good and bad tastes. Music to dance to, to fall asleep with, to wash yourself to, to listen while cooking … In short, music by and for children for any moment of the day. Have a listen here.


Liveurope is showcasing some of the most promising new European talents on their social media. Handpicked by the bookers of Europe’s most iconic venues. Check it out here.

Life while-you-wait

Amanda Palmer reads “Life while-you-wait” by Wislawa Szymborska. Have a listen here.

Stay Home Sounds

The people behind the website “cities and memory” launched stay home sound. They’re inviting anyone around the world to send them a sound recording from wherever YOU are & tell them a little about how things are wherever you live.

Something to learn

Ivan Krastev at De Balie

Bulgarian political scientist & friend of ECF spoke at both De Balie & Buitenhof to discuss his new book The Light that Failed. The Light that Failed looks forward after the cold war & examines what can we learn from past mistakes. Watch it here.

So you think you know Europe Quiz

In their post-Brexit ‘This is Europe’ series – taking a pan-European lens to explain the challenges that transcend borders and confront our continent – The Guardian offers some light entertainment too. Like the quiz, So you think you know Europe? Test your knowledge here.

Stories of Europe

In 2019, we celebrated 65 years since our launch. The celebrations coincided with the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and marked 80 years since the outbreak of World War II; 2019 also saw the 40th anniversary of the first European Parliament, the half centenary of Apollo 11’s expedition to the moon and the publication of our anniversary book ‘Stories of Europe’, available as a free download.

Europa Reloaded

Our Democracy Needs Imagination grantees Bulle Media and Cafébabel produced their new podcats series Europa Reloaded. Wanting to re-energize the debate on Europe, starting off from the stories of six social, economic, environmental and identitarian battles currently taking place in Europe. Have a listen here.

EU Scream: Coronavirus vs. Democracy

EU Scream, a nonprofit politics podcast from Brussels. Released their most recent podcast on Coronavirus vs. Democracy describes the curbs on liberty that may be coming your way, as concern is growing that emergency powers deployed to control the coronavirus pandemic will be used to erode democracy and civil rights. Have a listen here.

Emma Willard’s Maps of Time

In the 21st-century, infographics are everywhere. In the classroom, in the newspaper, in government reports, these concise visual representations of complicated information have changed the way we imagine our world. Susan Schulten explores the pioneering work of Emma Willard (1787–1870), a leading feminist educator whose innovative maps of time laid the groundwork for the charts and graphics of today: Have a look here.

The Brussels Effect

Timothy Garton Ash wrote “… The EU is a superpower, too, in the unsexy but vital area of regulation. Just ask facebook or google. ” In effect, Brussels sets the privacy standards for the worldwide internet (although not for the now largely separate Chinese internet). ” He then continues calling Ana Bradford’s book “The Brussels Effect. How the European Union rules the world ”an interesting new book. He is one out of many to be listed on the website accompanying the book, showing the possible impact of the book. Have a look yourself.

The people at The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) did notice the book too and dedicate their latest podcast to it. Have a listen here.

UK Data Explorer

We all have been wondering why European words for the same thing differ so much sometimes, whilst we actually know why. Here’s a little tool to look up all those words you’d always wanted to have translated into another European language.

Agora LiveTalks

Every Thursdays on Instagram live, our Research & Development Grantees, Colectivo Warehouse hosts #AgoraLiveTalks , a collaborative way to reflect on the actual context and its impact on the Now and Then of public space, and public space makers.


Pandemics have been a running theme throughout science fiction and many cross-genre movies, from zombies to aliens. But what happens when Europe (and the world) has become a huge set of a pandemic, and it is not science fiction, even if it closely looks like it? Podcast Europarama dives into the theme.


The whole world is now affected by the coronavirus. Physically, we need to stay separate and apart as never before in modern times. Mentally, however, the situation brings us together in a common effort to handle and control the contamination. Here are 200 words from around the world, as collected by Danish newspaper Politiken.

Another Europe is Possible

Our Democracy Needs Imagination grantees Another Europe Is Possible, continue to produce great podcasts, also during the lockdown.Check out their podcasts with themes on the coronavirus lockdown.

The Sound of Economics

The Sound of Economics podcast brings you insights, debates, and research-based discussions on economic policy in Europe and beyond. The podcast is produced by Bruegel , an independent think tank based in Brussels. It seeks to contribute to European and global economic policy-making through open, fact-based and policy-relevant research, analysis and debate. Have a listen here.


We may be stuck at home but, by using our imagination and food, we can transport ourselves anywhere we want to go! So BYOB (bring your own bottle) and let’s cook together. Every two days BE FESTIVAL will be releasing videos on how to cook tasty dishes from Spanish empanadas to traditional English afternoon tea – no flour required! Have a look here.

Wind of Change

The podcast everyone is apparently listening to, Wind of Change. Is the hit by the Scorpions indeed a piece of intelligence by the CIA? Have a listen here.


With ‘Thuistezien’ The Hague based West wants to contribute to the quality of life in this serious situation. By means of a daily video, publication, report or column, the art institution aims to soften the stay at home with a moment of imagination and reflection. Have a look here.

The Berliner Correspondence

The Berliner Correspondences, byAllianz Kulturstiftung, are continuing their digital live series: The many faces of a crisis thinking about the political, social and cultural consequences of Corona. Watch it here.

The Bridge Magazine

The magazine of the Academia Balkanica Europeana dedicates a volume to Culture, Art and Society. Have a look here.

European Moments

Many people collect ideas on what kind of Europe we Europeans want. But not all of them are Timothy Garton Ash. His Oxford University staff invites you to send in your ideas.

You might encounter your ideas in an article in future.

Best Museums in Singapore

Calling all art enthusiasts: this one’s for you! Recently we were contacted from Singapore with a lovely mail stating how this list of tips has made life in lockdown somewhat more bearable. Lish also included a link to the best [online] museums in Singapore.

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