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Press Release: Standard Time Cross-European Talk-Show Nominated for the 56th Adult Education Television Award Back

Press Release: Standard Time Cross-European Talk-Show Nominated for the 56th Adult Education Television Award

17 May 2024

Vienna, Budapest, Brussels, May 14th, 2024 – The talk show Standard Time has secured a prestigious nomination for the 56th Austrian Adult Education Television Prize. 

The Standard Time talk-show series is Display Europe original content created in Austrian-Hungarian co-production, showcasing journalists, artists, experts and activists from across Europe whilst touring libraries and cultural venues of Vienna and Budapest. This trailblazing series has been recognized for its outstanding exploration of the intersection between modern-day taboos and contemporary society. The show blends comedy with expert discussions and looks into topics of shared European interest, such as alcoholismfast fashionpooplabour protectionsconspiracy theoriesrefugees, and greening urban spaces.

The episode nominated for the Austrian TV prize in the talk show category, titled “STD Time: Not at All a Thing of the Past,” delves into the complexities of sexually transmitted diseases, challenging prevailing misconceptions and shedding light on their enduring relevance in today’s world. Standard Time’s host Reka Kinga Papp’s innovative storytelling approach has sparked crucial conversations about sexual health education and societal perceptions with interesting guests:

– Dr. Danae Maragouthakis, medical doctor, sex education influencer, co-founder of Yoxly, US/UK

– Dr. Béla Tamási, dermatologist and STD specialist, National STD Centre in Budapest, Hungary

– Trajche Janushev, program officer at SWAN, the Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network, Macedonia/Austria

The winners of the 56th Adult Education Television Prize, including the recipient of the coveted Axel Corti Prize 2024, will be announced at the award ceremony on June 25, 2024, at the RadioKulturhaus in Vienna.


Dr. Priyanka Hutschenreiter, Eurozine Project Manager

Background information: 

Standard Time, Eurozine’s weekly talk show is a Display Europe production, offering thoughtful conversations on topics with a cross-European interest. The Standard Time Series is supported by the European Union and the European Cultural Foundation and produced in collaboration with

Display Europe is co-funded by the European Union and run by a consortium of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF),  Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA), FairkomEurozineVoxeuropHostwriterKrytyka PolitycznaEl Diario, Good Conversations, Public SpacesCommunity Media Forum Europe (CMFE), HumanVPRO, Sound & VisionYEPP ItaliaFanzingo and Schuman Show. This groundbreaking media platform is a free central portal for original, federated and user-generated media content in 15 languages. Anchored in public values and inclusivity, Display Europe is made from open-source software and breaks away from the unethical data collection practices of Big Tech. Its algorithms guide users on a mixed and balanced content experience.

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