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Press Release: Next Step to a Single Market for Philanthropy Back

Press Release: Next Step to a Single Market for Philanthropy

17 May 2024

The King Baudouin Foundation, alongside Philea and the Lex Mundi network, has updated the guide on creating a Single Market for Philanthropy in the European Union.

This comprehensive report, titled “How to Become a True European Foundation in a (Not Yet) Single Market for Philanthropy,” addresses the ongoing challenges and developments in cross-border philanthropy within the EU. The guide, available freely to donors, beneficiaries, and policymakers, details the updated tax incentives for donations to foreign-based non-profits, which are now accessible in 26 Member States. Despite significant progress facilitated by the European Court of Justice and organizations like Transnational Giving Europe, substantial hurdles remain, particularly concerning the legal requirements for non-profits to prove comparability or to register as foreign entities in various Member States. These challenges often deter donors, impacting the non-profit sector’s capacity to serve communities across Europe.

The guide and its findings were presented during the Belgian Presidency by the King Baudouin Foundation at the High-Level Working Party on Tax Questions, highlighting the essential role of philanthropy in fostering European solidarity and addressing social issues across borders.

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