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Osman Kavala in unlawful detention for 1000 days Back

Osman Kavala in unlawful detention for 1000 days

27 Jul 2020

Today is a sad day.
Our friend and colleague Osman Kavala is in unlawful detention for 1000 days today.

”Osman Kavala is a Turkish philanthropist, a socially responsible businessperson, a peace and human rights defender and, above all, an activist and advocate for civil society. Since November 1st 2017, he has been unjustly detained in the high security prison in Silivri, despite the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) demanding his immediate release”, write Artists United for Osman Kavala.

On the occasion of his 950ieth day in prison the website Free Osman Kavala shared a short animation film produced by his artist friends, narrating who Osman Kavala is and his contributions to the society:


In the Perplex Magazine we co-published in September 2019 we included a series of letters written by Osman Kavala from prison. They are preceded by an introduction of Lars Ebert, co-director of H401, and a letter by Kenan Malik, writer and lecturer.

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