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Open Call: The Europe Challenge Back

Open Call: The Europe Challenge

9 May 2022

Europe today faces great challenges: war, polarisation, disinformation, climate & energy crises. If we are to respond to these challenges, people of Europe must lead the way in solidarity.

But if we are to find solidarity, there must be safe spaces where people can come together and build understanding. Libraries, with their connections to communities and to municipalities and local governments, are such spaces. Recognisable to all, they provide access to trusted information and knowledge that is needed now more than ever.

We are calling on every library in Europe to apply to the 2022 Europe Challenge: from public libraries to mobile, rural, school, university and prison libraries, municipal and national libraries.

Are you a library working with your community in Europe and do you want to solve a challenge together?

Read more about the 2022 Europe Challenge & Apply! Open from 9 May to 27 May 2022. The Future is now!

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