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New York Times opinion piece by Osman Kavala Back

New York Times opinion piece by Osman Kavala

16 Oct 2019

We have been reporting on the detainment of our friend and colleague Osman Kavala, chairman of Anadolu Kultur, ever since he was detained by Turkish police. On October 2nd we celebrated our Princess Margriet Award for Culture ceremony, and Osman Kavala his birthday. In prison. We dearly missed him.

Earlier this week Osman Kavala published an opinion piece in the New York Times: “My collaboration with government institutions around several cultural projects continued under the government of the Justice and Development Party, which has been in power since 2002. That allowed me to be optimistic about Turkey’s future and retain my confidence as a citizen despite our fraying democracy and individual liberties.”

You can access the complete article on the newspaper’s site. Via the website Free Osman Kavala you can inform yourself about the campaigns supporting Osman Kavala’s release.

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