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Meet DISPLAY at the Public Spaces conference Back

Meet DISPLAY at the Public Spaces conference

27 May 2024

On 6 and 7 June 2024, PublicSpaces and Waag Futurelab will organise the fourth edition of the PublicSpaces conference with the theme ‘Taking Back the Internet’. Most digital services and platforms are owned by a few Big Tech companies. This centralisation of power does not align with how the internet was conceived. It creates society-disrupting problems. From privacy violations and influencing election results to discrimination by biased algorithms, Big Tech’s monopoly affects everyone. How do we – as citizens, organisations and governments – regain control of our data and our digital lives?

On June 7 DISPLAY – our ground breaking media platform anchored in public values – takes centre stage during the session ‘A sovereign media dataspace in Europe‘:

“In this session, we’ll highlight the problems of the current situation and present the development of European efforts to create a sovereign, decentralised media space. We will discuss various efforts to networked media, to produce and share content and make it available cross-language. The European Cultural Backbone, the Display Europe cooperative, and the European media data space are important examples. We see emerging a cooperative media network, with open source translation, search and content sharing infrastructure for written articles, podcasts and video talk shows. The ultimate aim is to evolve a true European media that is fair, inclusive and open.”

Both Alexander Baratsits, managing director DISPLAY, and Menno Weijs, our project manager responsible for DISPLAY join Wouter Tebbens of Public Spaces, Lise Witteman of Follow The Money and Lucille Verbaere of EBU in the panel.

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