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Martijn van Schieveen joins ECF as new Head of Communications Back

Martijn van Schieveen joins ECF as new Head of Communications

14 Feb 2022

On February 15, Martijn van Schieveen will be starting as Head of Communications at the European Cultural Foundation (ECF). In the last nine years, Van Schieveen (1967) coordinated Communications at two main arts venues in the heart of Amsterdam: De Nieuwe Kerk and Hermitage Amsterdam.

After finishing a MA in Russian Studies at Leiden University, Van Schieveen worked in several Marketing and Communications roles in cultural, educational and media organisations and developed a wide experience in both national and international spheres.

Next to his professional work, Martijn since years organises the Arts and Culture Pride, the cultural programme during the yearly nine-day Pride Amsterdam in July/August.

André Wilkens, director of ECF: ‘We are very pleased with the appointment of this experienced and inspiring versatile individual from the cultural sector, with whom we can accomplish our future plans and programmes with confidence.’

The European Cultural Foundation was created in 1954 with the vision of a united Europe where citizens feel proudly European, a place where they can live, express themselves, work and dream freely, in diversity and harmony. The founders created the ECF “for the stimulation of the European sentiment, to promote the development and preservation of a feeling of mutual comprehension and democratic solidarity between the peoples of Europe by encouraging cultural and educational activities of common interest”.

It has always focused on programs and grants enabling mobility and the exchange of ideas, education through culture, and capacity-building. In its over 65 years of existence, the foundation has initiated and developed more than twenty programmes, supported thousands of Europeans with grants and exchanges and helped put culture and cultural policies on the European agenda.

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