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Imagine Philanthropy for Europe Back

Imagine Philanthropy for Europe

18 Nov 2020

Private money for the public good plays a significant role as foundation budgets in Europe amount to €60 billion annually. The current challenges and the sense of urgency force foundations to reinvent themselves, ready to take a greater responsibility, and to enable greater European solidarity. However, philanthropy with a European purpose remains unchartered territory.

The process of European integration seems to have stopped at the doorstep of the European philanthropic sector. Genuine European philanthropy is hardly existing, a niche. So, something needs to be done.

Philanthropy with a European purpose is yet to be imagined and resourced. And we know that we cannot do that alone. The Corona shock could become Europe’s moment and the moment for philanthropy to commit to our common ground, Europe.

With this study the European Cultural Foundation and the Allianz Kulturstiftung for Europe would like to invite you to a discussion to imagine European philanthropy for a common future.


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