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Giant Step: reflections and essays on institutional critique Back

Giant Step: reflections and essays on institutional critique

29 Jan 2014

Giant Step is a project that was awarded an ECF Collaboration Grant in 2011. The project has has its theoretical roots in the historical legacy of institutional critique. With partners from Poland, the Netherlands and the UK, the project aimed to explore the function and the place of the cultural institution within contemporary art and society. The project began with a series of short workshops and meetings that lead to curatorial seminars and symposia.

The Giant Step book of reflections and essays also includes drawings by fifth ECF Princess Margriet Award laureate Dan Perjovschi.

Organisation W-Est (Italy)

Produced by vessel art projects | Bari, Italy 2012/13
Edited and arranged by Jerlyn Marie Jareunpoon-Phillips
Eds. Jerlyn Marie Jareunpoon-Phillips, Vlad Morariu, Rachel Pafe and Francesco Scasciamacchia

Partners Galeria Labirynt (Poland); Mostyn (United Kingdom) and Van Abbemuseum (The Netherlands)

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