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Fondazione Nuto Revelli Onlus – W-ECHOES

In the 1970s Nuto Revelli – essayist and partisan – created one of the most important oral archives in Europe when visiting the depopulated Cuneo valleys and asking remaining people to tell him their present lives and envision the future. The Paraloup Museum of Stories is filled with these memories: by means of questions and answers they create a connection between generations, people and places, offering a reflection on the future.

Women, said Revelli, are “the strong ring of the memory chain” and have always been the main boost of change in the Alps. The W-ECHOES project will activate local and international women networks. W-ECHOES will reactivate, by philosophic dialogues between generations and places, a new echo of female voices that will spread from the borders of Alpine Europe proposing a new digital community of care for the history, the memory and the future of rural areas. By creating a brand new database of questions and answers from women all across rural Europe this project aims to add a new season to the Museum: the season of changing.

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Funded in collaboration with Fondazione CRC