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European Culture of Solidarity Now Back

European Culture of Solidarity Now

27 Feb 2022

The Putin regime has brought war back to Europe.

Putin’s war on Ukraine is a war on Europe.

He must not succeed.

As Europeans, we stand resolutely in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and all those, including in Russia, who resist Putin’s attempt to rewrite European borders and European history.

For more than six decades, the European Cultural Foundation has advocated for and invested in a European sentiment, a feeling of mutual comprehension and solidarity between the peoples of Europe.

Today there is no more urgent place to realise our European culture of solidarity than in Ukraine.

Unity and solidarity are our European strengths. Putin’s attack on Ukraine puts our values to the test. We must support our friends, colleagues and everyone currently suffering in Ukraine and share the burden of our solidarity among us Europeans.
We really are in this together.

The future of Europe is made right now in our response to the war on Ukraine, our response to Putin’s war on Europe.
This must be a European Moment!

We, at the European Cultural Foundation, are reviewing all our programmes, partnerships and resources to determine the best way to provide immediate emergency support and to stand with Ukraine with joint actions that are strengthening our European Culture of Solidarity overall. Because peace, unity and democratic solidarity among Europeans need constant nurturing and growth. Hence, we launched the Culture of Solidarity Fund – Ukraine edition.


Please join us!
Notify us about emergency needs, especially in the field of culture. Inform us about already ongoing (cultural) initiatives on the ground that need support. Send us your ideas for how to act in a culture of European solidarity with Ukraine now:

Donate to a Ukraine emergency edition of our Culture of Solidarity Fund!

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