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Europe Day ’23: Highlights Back

Europe Day ’23: Highlights

25 May 2023

For Europe Day ’23 we provided an agenda with Europe Day events across the continent and near you and featured an online Europe Day festival on 9 May. The online festival featured real-time coverage of various Europe Day events and view original content as well as an exclusive selection of documentary films.

Watch an in-depth highlight of the day – including the recordings of the Launch of the European Sentiment Compass, Pop the Vote and Re:framing Migrants in European Media.

ECF - ECFR European Sentiment Compass 2023 launch

The second edition of the European Sentiment Compass was launched on Europe Day 2023 in a dedicated session: Pawel Zerka, senior policy fellow at ECFR, presented the report. In a conversation chaired by Isabelle Schwarz, Head of Public Policy at ECF, various topics of the report were touched on. Fellow speakers in the event were: Olga Burlyuk, assistant professor ‘Europe’s external relations’ at University of Amsterdam, Hugues Mingarelli, former EU ambassador to Ukraine and Head of Delegation Ukraine, and Hugo Scheubel, Sciences Po graduate.

Pop The Vote Europe Day '23

Culture Action Europe officially launched its brand new project, Pop the Vote: Culture on the Ballot. Co-funded by the European Parliament,Pop the Vote works with young artists in 13 EU countries to act as Changemakers in their own communities and mobilise them to participate in the European Parliamentary Elections 2024. In a live interview between Maya Weisinger (Culture Action Europe) and Noelia Martín-Montalvo (Maastricht Institute of the Arts) they discuss her work, especially as it connects with the importance of arts and culture as a political language, civic engagement through art, and the important role young creatives play in shaping the future of Europe.

Re:framing Migrants in European Media Europe Day '23

For Europe Day '23, we highlighted the project Re:framing Migrants in European Media with an interview with Egyptian Investigative Journalist Osama Elsayad and Mohamed S Bah, Founder and Host of City Rights Radio. They discuss decolonising the newsroom, the creation of the SHIFT magazine and how it ensures the perspectives of refugees and migrants are authentically represented.
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