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Europe Day 22

31 Mar 2022

Europe Day celebrates “peace and unity in Europe”, in commemoration of the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950.

Europe Day ’22 took place in a festival atmosphere on 9 May, and told the many stories of Europe and imagines a better Europe. It connected the local and the European and presented cultural solutions to European challenges, making our continent more inclusive, more democratic, more culturally aware and a better place to live.

In 2022, peace and unity in Europe are at stake. Putin’s war on Ukraine has brutally reminded us how relevant the founding narrative of the European Union and of Europe Day is. The future of Europe is made right now in our response to the war on Ukraine. Therefore, Europe Day ‘22 was labelled The Future is now!.

Europe Day ‘22 was a hybrid event, with live programmes that took place in De Balie and elsewhere, and in an ongoing live-stream.

Did you miss the event and live stream? You can still watch or re-watch Europe Day’22 on

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