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Euranet Plus Political Panel: COVID’s War on Culture Back

Euranet Plus Political Panel: COVID’s War on Culture

6 May 2020

European member states are tackling COVID-19 at different levels, and the EU is under pressure to introduce better coordination and more solidarity. With #EUnitedinMotion, Euranet Plus takes up the challenge of keeping listeners right up to date with developments as well as going beyond the headlines to see how citizens are coping. Euranet Plus Politics Panel has been one of the programmes rolled out where they host a weekly debate with crucial EU decision-makers and experts to challenge the initiatives taken at the EU level and comment on their successes and obstacles in the way.

Today’s Euranet Plus Political Panel is on COVID’s War on Culture: How can we support artists? Panellists include our director André Wilkens, German MEP Niklas Nienaß (Greens) and German MEP Sabine Verheyen (EPP).

Join the discussion on supporting the cultural sector through and post Corona via their landing page, youtube or on their FaceBook live.

For more information on #EUnitedinMotion and the Euranet Plus Political Panel, visit their website.

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