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DOC.DREAM – Inspiration Forum LAB Back

DOC.DREAM – Inspiration Forum LAB

25 Sep 2020

The IF LAB is an interdisciplinary collaborative art and research project, which builds on the combination of innovative audio-visual art and critical thinking in order to look for imaginative solutions for the future European society, which is currently facing challenges posed by the changes in the ecological, political, technological and social landscape, all of which were highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic. They aim at opening a dialogue about the shared future of the European community through research-based art projects and participants of the IF LAB will form interdisciplinary collaborative art groups and look for visions for the future and through their multimedia outputs articulate what is at stake, how we actually arrived at this point and, most importantly, what should happen next.

At the core of the Inspiration Forum 2020 program is the examination of the changing world and search for solutions for structural problems that contribute to growing division within European society.

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Interview coming soon. 

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