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Disruption Network Lab – Disruptive Fridays – Tactics of Empowerment Back

Disruption Network Lab – Disruptive Fridays – Tactics of Empowerment

25 Sep 2020

The Disruption Network Lab is a Berlin-based nonprofit that has since 2014 organised participatory, interdisciplinary, international events at the intersection of human rights and technology with the objective of strengthening freedom of speech, and exposing the misconduct and wrongdoing of the powerful.

Following the 2020 coronavirus outbreak, they used their knowledge in digital culture to develop “Disruptive Fridays“, a new series of online conversations and critical reflection in the time of total lockdown. Disruption Network Lab creates a safe digital environment for their participants, as they often work with sensitive information. Their team of technology professionals focuses on open-source software development, enabling them to guarantee data safety of their participants, but also to control the aesthetic end-result of each edition. An inclusive and accessible environment was built on their website, so people can watch the live streaming, as well as take part into moderated chat discussions and ask direct questions to speakers. Each ‘Disruptive Fridays’ edition is archived on their social media channels.

The ‘Disruptive Fridays’ series consolidates a platform of discussion for whistleblowers, human right advocates, artists, computer scientists, journalists, lawyers and activists to present their experiences, research and actions – with the aim to share ideas for a free internet, modern democracy, strengthening human rights values and freedom of speech. Via art and digital culture they want to empower networked Europeans to explore new ideas and develop innovative digital tools.

Interview coming soon. 

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