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Culture Report / EUNIC yearbook

29 May 2014

Culture is more than a book or a play. Culture opens doors and builds bridges to the peoples of the world. Emerging economic powers such as India, Brazil and South Korea have grasped the potential of culture in foreign relations and are already working on their external cultural policies. Europe’s history of democracy, tradition of human rights and practice of friendly co-existence means that it has a great deal to offer and it should be investing more heavily in cultural relations with the rest of the world. What initiatives are needed in the area of external cultural policy – and what does the world expect of them? In the Culture Report EUNIC Yearbook 2013/2014, 30 authors from 20 countries look for some answers.

The book also include in the first chapter “A Global Conversation – The Old Continent in the Age of the World Wide Web and New Global Players” an article by our Head of Advocacy and Research & Development Isabelle Schwarz: “A cosmopolitan vision for the future” (read the article in German and in English).

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