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Culture of Solidarity Fund

In 2020 we launched the Culture of Solidarity Fund to support cultural initiatives that, in the midst of turmoil and crisis, reinforce European solidarity and the idea of Europe as a shared public space. After five successful European, regional and thematic editions, the Ukraine edition considers cultural emergency requests and joint European actions to stand with Ukraine.

Culture of Solidarity Fund – Ukraine special edition

11 July 2022

In the first four months of its existence the Ukraine edition of the Culture of Solidarity Fund has awarded more than 80 projects with the total of just over 1.3 million Euro, not in the least thanks to the growing European coalition of funders. With this first stage of the fund now complete, we are taking a short break throughout the summer months and will use this time to collect feedback, to reflect and to increase our efforts for pooling additional resources.

We do currently not accept any applications. We hope to launch the new stage of the fund in autumn. Please check back here regularly or you can subscribe to our newsletter for the latest developments.

 Thank you and take care!

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Fifth round: Cultural grant for regional transformation

While acknowledging its historically specific position, Eastern Germany is a prime example of a region that has proven its resilience, flexibility and capacity to innovate in the face of radically transformative challenges, accumulating a wealth of practical experience and skills that would benefit all Europeans at this critical moment, but in particular, those regions similarly affected by systemic transformations. The Eastern German experience – its successes, failures, and challenges -could serve as their rallying point for culturally engaging with each other in a spirit of transnational solidarity and hands-on collaboration.

This call was launched together with Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung. The call was open to cultural organisations as well as organisations from other fields of work and public institutions that are based and/or active in Eastern Germany or in European regions similarly affected by deindustrialization, population decline, social dissolution, failing public infrastructure, and ecological crises.

This fifth round closed on September 14 2021. We no longer accept applications.


Meet our fifth round grantees

Fourth round: Culture of solidarity in times of an infodemic

In 2020 the Culture of Solidarity Fund was launched as a rapid response tool to support cross-border cultural initiatives of solidarity in times of uncertainty and lockdown. Nearly a year later, solidarity remains a major cultural challenge, particularly in the field of media.

Europe needs a shared public space where a culture of solidarity can be practiced. It is there where the ongoing infodemic can be combated. Visit SHARE under our programmes to read more about the European Cultural Foundation’s work on the development of a European public space.

The deadline for submitting the expressions of interest was Wednesday 31 March 2021 at 13:00 CET and is now closed.

Meet our round four infodemic call grantees

Third round: Regional round of Culture of Solidarity Fund

In collaboration with Fondazione CRT and Fondazione CRC we invited organisations from the Piedmont and Aosta Valley to apply to the third round of our Culture of Solidarity Fund.

This round closed on Monday, 30 November, 13.00 CET.

Meet our third round grantees

Second Round

In the second round we looked for projects which grow immediate crisis responses into more future-oriented solutions and extend from local levels to building cross-national alliances and pan-European initiatives.
The second round closed on July 14 2021.

Meet our second round grantees

First round: Culture of Solidarity Fund

The first round closed on April 27 2020. We received more than 2500 applications, thank you! Out of them 29 were selected for a grant.

First round grantees

Information leaflet

We published an information leaflet with short descriptions of the various rounds, some data on the applicants and the leverage of the first two rounds.

First round fact sheet

We collected some data on where the applicants are based, how they heard about the call, in what sector they work, and whether our objectives of the call were reflecting the needs of applicants. You can find some of the outcomes in this fact sheet.


“The fund will support big and small initiatives which grow a European culture of Solidarity, support partners and grantees in a flexible manner in the redesign of their activities in response to the Coronacrisis, support new imaginative ways of sustaining people-to-people contacts and human interaction across European borders in times of travel restrictions and social distancing”, wrote our director in an introductory blog.


Arts and culture will not be the same after COVID-19. The new situation requires new approaches and solutions at local, national and European level. We teamed up with Culture Action Europe to map emergency initiatives and measures carried out across Europe that address the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on culture, arts, creative sectors – with the aim to identify key challenges and possible gaps, or needs, yet unaddressed by the policymakers.

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