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CPRA 2011: Cultural policy frameworks (re)constructing national and supranational identities: The Balkans and the European Union Back

CPRA 2011: Cultural policy frameworks (re)constructing national and supranational identities: The Balkans and the European Union

23 Apr 2014

Aleksandar Brkić was awarded the 2011 Cultural Policy Research Award (CPRA) which lead to the publication of his book Cultural Policy Frameworks: (Re)constructing National and Supranational Identities: The Balkans and the European Union.

During a time when the idea of Europe, and the EU in particular, is tainted with economic crisis and democratic decline, Aleksandar Brkić’s analysis of the role of cultural networks in helping Europe serve people is both a wake-up call for European authorities which support cultural networks and a tool for cultural networks themselves to check that they are fulfilling their European and intercultural remit as well as they should.

This publication is the result of the 8th Cultural Policy Research Award in 2011.

Dr. Aleksandar Brkić graduated from the Department for Theatre and Radio Production, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade; received his masters degree at the Management programme at Cass Business School, City University in London; MFA degree at the Scene Design department, University of Arts in Belgrade; and PhD at the Management of Arts and Media program, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He received a UK Government Chevening scholarship, as well as the research scholarship from the Ministry of Science, Republic of Serbia. Prior to moving to LASALLE, Aleksandar has been engaged as a lecturer/researcher at the UNESCO Department for Cultural Policy and Management at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and a part-time/guest lecturer at number of academic programmes in Serbia. Aleksandar was engaged as a cultural policy researcher by the Institute for Theatre, Film, Radio, and Television, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade; Council of Europe and ERICarts – European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research; Department for Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. Currently, he participates in the ISCH COST Action IS1007 / Investigating Cultural Sustainability scientific project.

In 2011 he was the Winner of the Cultural Policy Research Award (CPRA), administered by ECF and the European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education (ENCATC).

He worked extensively as a trainer in Project, Events, and Strategic management in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Romania, France, UK, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, etc. His consultancy and advisory portfolio includes Ministry of Culture, Republic of Serbia; Secretariat for Culture, City of Belgrade; Banlieues d’Europe; European Expert Network on Culture; and European Cultural Foundation.

Aleksandar has more than 10 years of professional experience as an arts manager, working for the cultural/arts institutions and organisations in Serbia (BITEF , National Theatre in Belgrade, Atelje 212, YUSTAT, KIOSK), Production Director for Studio Berar, the largest event production company in the SE European region, as well as the project manager connected with the well known international art platforms (i.e. National Exhibitions of Serbia at the Prague Quadrennial and the Vennice Biennale). He has collaborated with artists such as Jozef Nadj, Branko Pavic, Tomi Janezic, Dorijan Kolundzija, Tomas Ziska, Michael Ramsaur, Jelena Bogavac, Dragan Stojcevski, Saban Bajramovic, Dele Sosimi, Bah Samba, Mistakemistake, Vernon Reid, etc.

He is also the Founder/Arts Manager at the art production organisation Eighty Ten Ltd. from Belgrade.

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