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Courageous Citizens. How Culture Contributes to Social Change Back

Courageous Citizens. How Culture Contributes to Social Change

15 Feb 2018

This book is an advocate for the change-making capacity of culture. It is also a source of inspiration for renegotiating our understanding of the world and affirming culture as a critical space to practice courage and perseverance amid complex societal reconfigurations. Our focus is on courageous citizens: those whose daring, sharing and inventing contribute to our collective future, and for whom culture and democracy are the starting points for vision and action. Their social energy gives rise to alternative stories, they embrace the underrepresented while opening up space for learning, living together and questioning the fundamental nature of democracy.

Courageous Citizens is published on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture (PMA), an annual award acknowledging the work of individuals and collectives whose creative work can truly make a difference in Europe’s societies.

Order your copy via Valiz publishers.

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