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Ukrainian New Wave. Before the Sunrise Back

Ukrainian New Wave. Before the Sunrise

13 Oct 2023

Short film programme Ukrainian New Wave. Before the Sunrise’ by Ukrainian Institute

The short film programme ‘Ukrainian New Wave. Before the Sunrise’ is curated by the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre, the largest film archive in Ukraine, and includes 9 recent Ukrainian short films shot after 24 February 2022, reflecting the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Institute will facilitate the production of short films (subtitles, DCP copies) for screenings abroad and the subsequent presentation of the programme during three screenings in Berlin and Munich in February 2024.

With this project the Ukrainian Institute wants to increase the knowledge about the current situation in Ukraine through its cinematic examination, create a platform for exchange between filmmakers and film institutions from Ukraine and audiences and institutions abroad, and discuss the knowledge about the current working conditions of filmmakers and film institutions in times of war.

The screenings in cinemas will be organised in cooperation with external partners. The panel discussions will bring the filmmakers of the short films from the series, representatives of the Dovzhenko Center, and activists and film experts from European countries represented by the EUNIC partners of the project (Germany, Finland, Spain) together. Lastly, the Ukrainian Institute will create a digital catalog about the short film in English and German.

Granted: 15.000 euros

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