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Spaces of Resilience

13 Oct 2023

Spaces of Resilience by Association KROKODIL

Building on their previous project Serbia<3Ukraine, the aim of this project is to once again offer residential stays in KROKODIL’s House for Writers in Belgrade, Serbia to Ukrainian literary creators and their nuclear families, and in that way directly help those in need and most affected by the war. Two residential stays will be offered to two literary creators and their families for a duration of three months each. All expenses such as rent, utilities, and travel costs will be paid and a monthly compensation will also be provided.

Considering that the dominant public perception in Serbia regarding the war is strongly pro-Russian with an appalling lack of empathy for the plight of ordinary Ukrainian citizens, KROKODIL is determined to change this narrative and strongly work on public opinion change. As their experience so far has shown, these preconceptions can indeed be changed when confronted with real people and their personal stories instead of grand media and socio-political narratives. Therefore, to this end, they would organise a series of public activities with the residents and a special debate programme on the next edition of the festival KROKODIL, June 2024, which will be wholly dedicated to Ukraine.

Granted: 15.000 euros.

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