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Lace of Centuries Back

Lace of Centuries

13 Oct 2023

Daria Alyoshkina exhibition ‘Lace of centuries’ by AMATERAS Foundation

This project presents the art of vytynanka (or papercutting), which first appeared as a form of home decoration in rural villages in Ukraine in the 19th century. Daria Alyoshkina is a vytynanka artist, sculptor and painter who has not only given new life to the ancient Ukrainian craft of vytynanka, but has also transformed it into contemporary art and shown it to the world through her works.

 The Daria Alyoshkina exhibition ‘Lace of centuries’ is a series of 12 enormous three-meter-long vytynankas, which is dedicated to different historical milestones that take the viewer through the history of the territory of Ukraine. It was showcased at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023 as a part of the ‘Ukrainian DNA’ Pavilion.

The exhibition and workshops will feature within the Sofia Paper Art Biennial, as a part of the Sofia Paper Art Fest 2024, which will be held under the motto ‘Without Borders’. The project is a collaboration between the AMATERAS Foundation and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The exhibition will open on March 25 in the Regional History Museum in Sofia, see this link for more information.

Granted: 6.955 euros

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