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Antonin Artaud Fellowship Back

Antonin Artaud Fellowship

13 Oct 2023

Antonin Artaud Fellowship: support of performative art artists in Ukraine by Proto produkciia foundation.

The project aims for a vibrant and resilient performing art community in Ukraine. We want to create a sense of community and solidarity among artists, contribute to the overall recovery and renewal of the cultural sector, encourage critical thinking, innovation, and the development of new ideas, which are crucial for building resilience and creating a better future.

The fellowship is designed as a response to the limited possibilities for performing artists in Ukraine to continue their artistic practice, and to produce and develop professionally. The Foundation of Proto produkciia concentrates on independent non-state funded individuals, groups, and institutions, as they have no stable sources of funding. With the fellowship they provide financial and organisational support for experimentation and reflection processes, learning, and capacity development programs for young artists and cultural managers from the performing art field in Ukraine, establishing long-term relationships and connections.

During this fellowship round the creation and presentation, in Kyiv, of at least four works in progress will be supported, involving at least ten artists. Workshops on ‘Performance art: The introduction’ and ‘How to experiment?’ are part of the programme within the fellowship.

Granted: 14.600 euros

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