Symbiosis Back


Based on the premise that practising human rights protection equals to democratic rule of law, Symbiosis works on education, freedom of expression, documentation and analysis, public debate and active civic participation. Their new project, launched in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, focuses on the ongoing war ‘infodemic’ and on countering multiple threads of disinformation, misinformation, propaganda filter bubbles and fake news in Greece promoted through media. Through two three-day interactive workshops and an alternative media website, the project aims to empower Ukrainian refugees, diaspora communities and locals, to critically consume media and information as well as to raise their own voices. The workshops will support participants in developing their understanding of the sources of misleading and/or false information and activate critical thinking and media literacy skills in recognising and responding to these phenomena. Encouraged to become community ”antennae”, participants will be able to counter disinformation in their localities and media, produce content and encourage the voice of the displaced