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Stowarzyszenie im. Stanisława Brzozowskiego Back

Stowarzyszenie im. Stanisława Brzozowskiego

3 Jun 2022

Fake news: the common thread in fakerealism, fakeprogressivism and fakepopulism

The project envisages transnational, engaged, high-quality, inclusive and transparent opinion journalism to build public trust and combat fake news as well as disinformation that are particularly widespread in the East-Central European region in regard to the Russian war against Ukraine. Working through a transnational media network, the initiative will tackle the following components: interviews and articles explaining economic, geopolitical, military and social complexities related to the war; content provided by Ukrainian partners – both those staying within the war zones and those who were forced to flee; syndication of content and cooperation between editors in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) area.

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