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Project: From The Battlefield

From the Battlefield: Words and evidence of Ukrainian artists and thinkers, supported by artists and thinkers from the Netherlands during the Russian war against Ukraine is a collaborative art project initiated by Maria Vtorushina, curator-in-residence at SEA Foundation, Tilburg. Though the role of Ukraine in Europe has recently changed to the fortress, protecting the democratic values of the world, many Europeans are still affected by misinformation.

The project invites six artists living and working in the Netherlands to hold a series of open dialogues with five Ukrainian artists and curators who are currently living through the war. They will do 5 joint artworks, performances and actions in galleries and public spaces in Tilburg. 3 public panel discussions with the participants are going to be held in LocHal, Tilburg. The actions and talks will be video-recorded and available online. The final product of the project is the compendium with texts and documentation, published in autumn, and sent to art institutions in Europe and the USA.

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