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28 Jul 2022

Project: A Melody for the Peace – Tsaryu Nebesny

With the desire to continue the already existing collaboration between “Il Gusto Barocco” and the Ukrainian musicians, the project concerns the commission of a piece by the composer Tetiana Iashvili, a Ukrainian war refugee. Her work will be performed in September 2022 at the Leonardskirche as part of the Stuttgarter Woche and aims both to show the musical richness of Ukrainian culture and to denounce the difficult emergency situation of the artists of that country. Iashvili’s work will be performed by the ensemble “Il Gusto Barocco” and documented in the form of a podcast. The new composition will be integrated into an already scheduled concert based on the work of female composers during the baroque period, offering a critical and feminist view of the established musical canon of western culture. The podcast serves as extra-musical documentation to have the direct testimony of a refugee musician. The interview and documentation will be broadcasted through the association’s communication channels and social media and will be part of the podcast series of the 2022 season.

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