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Non-governmental organization “GARAGE GANG”

28 Jul 2022

Project: Small Acts Change the World with Big Idea platform

The project Small Acts Change the World with Big Idea platform by GARAGE GANG concerns the development of the English version of the Big Idea platform and will assist foreign donors in Europe who need a comprehensive interface to individually engage in crowdfunding of cultural actions in Ukraine while being able to learn about the rules and policies of the platform. It will also include a focused communication campaign that is required to build awareness and trust among foreign givers who could support culture and arts in Ukraine in 2022-2024. Both known and emerging players in Ukraine’s culture and arts need a familiar tool to raise individual philanthropic donations from domestic and foreign givers to realise projects for community revitalization, heritage restoration and misplaced citizens integration. This project will provide knowledge, instruments and shared awareness that solidarity helps to withstand the harsh realities of conflict and acting for a peaceful future for Ukraine and Europe.

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