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Slubfurt – Transbordering Laboratory Back

Slubfurt – Transbordering Laboratory

28 Oct 2021

Transbordering Laboratory by Slubfurt will address the potentiality of forming a new reality in European cities divided by borders. Hard borders became an issue again with the rise of nationalism and the pandemic, especially for citizens in the border territories. Many of the 36 border cities started to forge a common life since 1990 and reinvented themselves as unified towns. Our aim is to (gradually) form a network of these towns for sharing experiences, creativity, and also through connecting artists and activists in a practical laboratory for helping to develop a Europe with common transbordering regions. After first research and study trips to other european twin towns, the project team will connect their contacts for a first meeting in Frankfurt-SÅ‚ubice. In cooperation and exchange the partners will work towards various exhibitions in border towns.

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