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Zappa: Using the power of community to counteract misinformation Back

Zappa: Using the power of community to counteract misinformation

13 Apr 2022

In a series of stories we portray our Culture of Solidarity Fund grantees. The grantee featured here successfully applied to round 4: Culture of Solidarity in times of an infodemic.

The Zappa project received a grant from our Culture of Solidarity fund to support cross-border cultural initiatives of solidarity in times of uncertainty and “infodemic”. They are working towards the development of a custom Bonfire extension to empower communities with a dedicated tool to deal with online misinformation.

Zappa is powered by user communities’ assesments of content (links, news, video, pictures) which will then be used to train artificial intelligence engines. The user ratings and AI predictions will together generate decentralised ‘Zappa scores’: helping users to classify and act upon content based on each community’s methodology and preferences.

You can read more about their work processes in this report, head over to their project site or see a video in which they explain parts of their work:

All set up and into Bonfire?

The team behind this new extension would really appreciate your help in beta testing. They have developed a dedicated playground for you to do so.

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