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Talking Futur

15 Feb 2021

In our series of interviews with our Culture of Solidarity Fund grantees, meet the people behind ‘Talking Futur’.

“We used to joke that Kappa FuturFestival unites young people from all over Europe more than Ryanair does, but the challenge is to keep this community alive with content that is relevant to these difficult times. Normally Kappa Futur festival gathers seventy thousand dancers from more than hundred countries for wo days.”

“Associazione Culturale Suoni e Colori was founded in 2006, just after the Winter Olympics took place in Torino, with the aim of sharing the electronic music culture and producing entertainment formats. With the help of our long-lasting creative consultant, we are now developing more cultural oriented initiatives to widen the scope of our activities.”

“With the pandemic and the impossibility to hold concerts we observed the multiplication of digital formats. In the electronic music scene those mainly consisted in live sets from the homes of DJs. At the beginning it was something new but soon these contents became less and less relevant. At the same time a kind of proximity was created between prominent electronic music artists and their audiences as they took over their social media profiles to interact directly with followers. We “found out” that they’re people like us that care about what’s happening and try to understand this serious and unimaginable situation. We hence thought to make them talk with people from the civil, cultural and scientific community about meaningful topics to reach the youngsters with an unconventional dissemination format.”

“Our project can contribute to European public debates in two different ways: on the one hand giving a different point of view on the electronic music scene, on the other hand discussing the new reality generated by the pandemic without directly mentioning Covid-19.”

“We believe that the scope of this project is already European. Naturally, it needs to be supported by an appropriate and consistent communication plan. At the same time Talking Futur will sometimes put our territory center stage as part of the discussion, sometimes through the images and footage we are going to use.”

Granted: 24.880 euros
Funded in collaboration with Fondazione CRT.

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