The European Review of Books: magazine of culture and commentary Back

The European Review of Books: magazine of culture and commentary

The European Review of Books (ERB) will be a multi-lingual, pan-European magazine of culture and commentary, in print and online. They want the best original essays, published in English and in the writer’s own tongue, to resonate locally and supra-nationally. Such a magazine can cultivate the vanguard of a European imagination, even as its title channels a longstanding cultural aspiration.

The ubiquity of English presents a paradoxical opportunity, and the ERB’s hallmark is a strategic bilingualism. Pieces written in Greek or Arabic or Italian or Polish or Dutch — or, or, or — will be available in English translation and in the original. Global English—a post-American English—makes it possible to reach beyond, al di là di, ötesinde, jenseits. Language and technology make this endeavor possible now. Our era’s political and economic crises make it urgent.

Intellectual life is filtered through national and metropolitan sieves; the ERB will chart that rarer common space where good writing can sparkle and surprise, where original commentary can resonate beyond metropolis and periphery, beyond center and margin. That is where undiscovered writers can find their readers, where new ideas and serious scholarship can pollinate, and where solidarity can transcend mere integration. The European Review of Books looks to a canon of the European future.

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