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Tranzyt Foundation – Solid for Solidarity – European Comics Competition Back

Tranzyt Foundation – Solid for Solidarity – European Comics Competition

25 Sep 2020

Solid for Solidarity is a pan-European project strengthening marginalised voices and making them heard outside their communities. The project encourages a wider circulation of socially engaged literature and wants to reinforce mutual understanding, and celebrate diversity for the benefit of all Europeans.

Due to pandemic a vast number of literary festivals were cancelled – to the adversity of authors and publishers who rely on personal encounters. Yet literature and culture remain as important as ever.

At the same time, there has been a renewed focus on the importance of people’s creativity during lockdown. Arts and culture seemed vital for our social well being and our futures. Solid for Solidarity is a project that explicitly makes that argument and recognises the value and urgency of direct creative engagement. Tranzyt Foundation considers graphic novels a perfect — and refreshingly engaging — means to address the ongoing issues and strengthen social cohesion. Their project consists of two phases: A transnational, open to all, and free to enter competition for the best European graphic novel about solidarity and the importance of European values in these turbulent times, and Europe’s future: The publication, promotion and distribution of print and ebook of the winner, and an anthology of runners up. To secure the diversity of voices and outreach of the call, the project will be promoted in partnership with the largest literary and comic culture festivals operating on the peripheries of mainstream cultural circulation in Europe.

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