My Villages – The Rural School of Economics Back

My Villages – The Rural School of Economics

Europe will learn from an a-national and trans-local identifier: The Rural. With farmers families, artists, academics, villagers and migrant populations we learn from self-determination strategies that exist in lived rural life. Taking back the economy as an everyday act, with an emphasis on access to means and the right to self-determination, is how we work.

The school embraces ‘economy’ as the daily basis of how we give (or get) space to act on our terms. The Rural School of Economics sets up its nomadic classrooms in European barns, on fields and in village halls. The learning key is to listen to and act in solidarity with rural communities that face (and have faced) major challenges in their economic and cultural survival; from forced migration to climate crisis, from industrialization to abruptly changing governance.

It is urgent to learn from how to adapt to a place and the ability to connect with the nonhuman. With the Rural School of Economics MyVillages wants to practice trans-locality as a new European geography and identity (versus enforced nationalism); recognize the rural as a place of cultural and economic knowledge production and innovation (versus urban dominance and centralized thinking) and strengthen solidarity and collectivity through the lived experience of interdependence (versus further individualization and disconnection from nature).

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