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The EU Songbook – The European Anthem project Back

The EU Songbook – The European Anthem project

29 May 2024

With their initiative ‘The European Anthem Project’, the team behind the EU Songbook wish to – democratically – make the European anthem – which has always solely been a melody (Beethoven’s Ode to Joy) without lyrics – into a song in the 24 union languages for all people to use, whether they are Erasmus-students in The Netherlands, grandmothers in Poland or bureaucrats in Brussels.

Turning the European anthem into a song could enable millions of European citizens – in the public school system, in the NGO sector and in music and cultural life in general – express European sentiment in a concrete emotional way (singing) and to hopefully through singing take ownership of Europe Day in a social, emotional, and spiritual way.

They will host a working conference and use surveys to discuss how Schillers famous poem ‘Ode to Joy’ can be adapted and modernised in a way that accommodate all.

In the last stage of the project the edits of the ‘Ode to Joy’ will be displayed on their website for public display.

Granted: 20,000 euros

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