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Terre di Mongia – ROOTS // ROUTES Back

Terre di Mongia – ROOTS // ROUTES

19 Apr 2024

The project by Terre di Mongia delves into the historical significance and future prospects tied to the chestnut tree and its unique culture, particularly in Southern Piedmont and Corsica. Given the ongoing crisis affecting rural areas over the past five decades, the project aims to shift perspectives towards the vital role of the chestnut tree within cultural and environmental contexts, driving transitions.

Traditionally, the bond among chestnut keepers was symbolized by graft exchanges. In line with this tradition, the project proposes creating both a symbolic and practical graft to revive intergenerational practices. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the project connects civic groups, artists, scholars, new farmers, institutions, and consumers.

Through artistic residencies, site-specific events, and a digital WebMap, the project aims to foster knowledge exchange and dissemination concerning the chestnut tree. This initiative links diverse territories and practices, emphasizing the cultural and environmental importance of this tree and promoting sustainable transitions.

Granted: 13,500 euros

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