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CAP24020 – Montadinanza Back

CAP24020 – Montadinanza

19 Apr 2024

Montadinanza aims to empower art in inspiring and mobilizing communities to participate in democratic processes for a just transition toward climate-resilient societies. This initiative, conceived by CAP24020 and Ways of Working, is an artistic program based in Alta Valle Seriana, an Alpine area comprising 20 villages.

The program involves a team of 8 local youngsters collaborating with 2 artists (one Italian, one international) over a year-long period. Together, they focus on the theme ‘Resilient Winters, Practices, Economies’, exploring climate change’s impact on the Alps. The project unfolds in three art residencies held in September, January, and June. In September, collaboration and exploration of the area begin; January focuses on engaging the local community using artistic methods, followed by research spanning from local to international levels. In June, site-specific proposals are shared, analysed, and refined.

A digital publication documenting the project is created in the summer and presented at a concluding symposium in September. Monthly remote meetings connect the three residencies, fostering ongoing collaboration and learning throughout the program.

Granted: 25,000 euros

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