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Community Conversations: Black [Queer] Stories Back

Community Conversations: Black [Queer] Stories

14 Jun 2021

June 25
14.00 – 15.30 CET

We are living in paradoxical times. We see the rise of patriarchal right-wing populism, and we see silenced communities speak out louder than before. We witness hysteria about right-wing backlash to increasingly diverse societies, diverse sexualities and gender expressions of some, yet we see silence reign in the face of hysterical facts as deepening inequalities in our societies. In the aftermath of the pandemic Europe is returning to a somehow normalised order: there is football, there is summer, borders are reopening.

But after having lived in lock-downs for a year, being tied to screens and surrounded by peers, how normal is the life we’ll be picking up again? Who do we meet? Who do we not meet? And why? Which ‘European dreams’ about public space are clashing?

In this Community Conversation we’ll be discussing these issues, and many more, with Josh Rivers and Blackcoffee_pdc

Josh Rivers received a Culture of Solidarity grant from the European Cultural Foundation for his project Busy Being Black. “Busy Being Black is the podcast exploring how we live in the fullness of our queer Black lives. It is a growing compendium of queer Black voices, an oral history project and conversations with those who have learned – and are learning – to thrive at the intersections of their identities.”

Blackcoffee_pdc also received a Culture of Solidarity grant from the European Cultural Foundation for their project Blackcoffee_pdc meets Europe, for which they want to make Afroitalians’ stories available in English, and build bridges with other Afro-European people and organisations.

The event takes place in zoom, and we ask you to register via the button below.

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