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Community Conversation: European sentiment, on the notion of home Back

Community Conversation: European sentiment, on the notion of home

23 Dec 2021

Thursday February 17
16h – 17.30h CET
hosted in zoom

European Cultural Foundation, ACES/ARTES and New Europeans invite you to a series of online Community Conversations in the run to Europe Day. Together with peers and partners we discuss important topics for the future of our continent. In four sessions of one and a half hour each we discuss, exchange, collect and connect. Please, mark the following dates in your agendas: January 27, February 17, March 17 and April 21. The Community Conversations take place in zoom, and last from 16h to 17.30h CET.

European sentiment, on the notion of home
Sentiment is about feelings. And so is the notion of home. Europe can be your home, yet it might still not feel like yours. The idea of home and of belonging are important assets. What do you need to feel at home?

Joep Leerssen. Professor of Modern European Literature in the department of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. In addition he holds a part-time research professorship at Maastricht University, where he works on the transnational aspects of the culture and history of the Limburg region.

Roger Casale. Founder New Europeans. “With New Europeans we want to provide a platform for those who believe that future as Europeans must be shaped as much by the voice of the European citizen as by the competition and compromise that will no doubt long continue to characterise relations between the EU member states.”

A team member of Walk with Amal. A little girl who went on a BIG journey. Little Amal is the giant puppet at the heart of The Walk. She has travelled 8,000km in support of refugees. In 2021, the 3.5 metre-tall living artwork of a young Syrian refugee child walked across Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the UK to focus attention on the urgent needs of young refugees.

Marginal, one of our Culture of Solidarity grantees. Based in Palermo they re-imagine urban productions as a bridge between local culture and migrants within their project Fulcrum. Their project is an inquiry into the potential of migrations to re-frame contemporary European heritage and visions.

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