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Common Ground, our 2024 annual magazine, is here. Back

Common Ground, our 2024 annual magazine, is here.

3 Jul 2024

Our 2024 annual magazine is here! As our Director writes in his foreword: “Today, more than ever, we cannot be European bystanders. We cannot leave the future of Europe solely in the hands of the EU and the increasingly polarised and competing nation states. We should do our share and contribute to a united, peaceful, just and cooperative Europe, to a Europe that provides hope and solutions.”

Image from the series 'Strajk', by Rafał Milach. See his full portfolio at

Our annual magazine offers you a panoramic view of the issues we are addressing with our activities, those of our grantees, and those of partners and friends. In short, it touches on the many lives lived on our continent and how they interconnect, how diverse our Europe is and how we have so much in common.

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