A letter to president Tusk Back

A letter to president Tusk

Subject: Culture in the Future of Europe

Dear President Tusk,

On behalf of the European Cultural Foundation, member of Culture Action Europe, we call upon the President of the European Council to include culture as an intrinsic part of Europe’s future strategic agenda 2019-2024.

Culture is the foundation of who we are as human beings and of our collective life. The future of the European Union as a shared project is difficult to imagine without the explicit recognition of its cultural dimension. The Rome declaration of 2017 commits to build a Europe “where citizens have new opportunities for cultural and social development” and “a Union which preserves our cultural heritage and promotes cultural diversity”. This vision was confirmed at the Gothenburg Leaders’ Summit in November 2017 and by the European Council in December 2017. Networks across all cultural sectors, cultural organisations, artists, activists, academics and policy-makers call to make culture an integral part of the future of Europe in Sibiu.

The European Cultural Foundation’s vision is that culture is an invaluable resource for a positive future of Europe. A more open, democratic and inclusive Europe needs more culture! The cultural sector has actively participated in the reflection process on the future of Europe leading to Sibiu. We affirm that Culture and Democracy are not independent one from the other. A European democratic project needs Culture to produce an open, inclusive, fair and diverse symbolic space. Counteracting the instrumentalisation of culture by Eurosceptic forces and reinforcing EU actions celebrating cultural diversity, in accordance with the core remit of the EU in the cultural field (Art. 167), should be seen as fundamental to build the future of Europe. Cultural actors are ready to be a companion and ally in this endeavour.

Yours Sincerely,
André Wilkens
Director, European Cultural Foundation