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Doc Next Network

Watch this video about Doc Next Network [Still from European Souvenirs performance in Amsterdam, September 2012].

ECF has been active in the field of young people and media for many years and specifically through the Youth and Media programme. In 2010, a new network called Doc Next Network sprung up out of this collaboration. Initiated and supported by ECF, the network aims to create a vibrant European space where young people’s media messages are more accessible in mainstream public discourse.

Doc Next Network’s goal is to create an arena where the views of a new generation of documentary makers, media artists and emerging journalists are made more visible – opening the public’s eye to new European perspectives. This unique movement generates exciting new connections at the intersections of online free (remix) culture, the media industry, documentary circuits, the arts establishments, academic environments and the European policy-making arena.

Doc Next Network consists of four local independent cultural organisations:

The network sets up media and documentary workshops to support the development of young emerging media professionals and creates and connects to platforms that acknowledge the importance of media use by young people.

Doc Next Network Media Collection

Doc Next Network collects and shares the works of a new generation of European documentary makers with a wide audience. Through the Doc Next Network Media Collection, cultural professionals, festival programmers, decision-makers, broadcasters and wider audiences across Europe have access to hundreds of amazing alternative short documentaries, political video remixes, reportages and photos. You can use these resources freely for film screenings, exhibitions and conferences. Our video collection is available for all on our Vimeo channel.

Remapping Europe – a remix project

Since the beginning of 2012, Doc Next Network has been working on Remapping Europe – a Remix Project, an investigative artistic project with activities that stem from one underlying principle: re-mixing of media as a method to re-view, re-investigate and re-consider the prevailing imagery of migrants in European societies. Working with some 50 young media-makers with a migrant background from Poland, Turkey, Spain and the UK, and remixing the existing imagery of migrants in different European countries, the activities of the project include:

  • Four creative remix ateliers in Spain, Poland, Turkey and the UK involving young digital storytellers with migrant backgrounds creating new media
  • International screenings of remix works at festivals and events. Also online, in the Doc Next Network’s free of use media collection
  • European Souvenirs, a live-cinema remix performance touring Europe, and making and touring of a second major artistic live-cinema performance from spring 2014
  • A printed publication/catalogue, documenting the processes and outcomes of the project
  • A seminar in spring 2014.

You can follow Doc Next Network and all their activities via, the Doc Next Network Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

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