Expand your foundation’s mission on a European level and join our mission as a partner.


Our founders envisioned a united Europe where citizens feel proudly European, a place where we can live, express ourselves, work and dream freely, in diversity and harmony. We have always focused on programmes and grants that enable mobility and the exchange of ideas, education through culture, and capacity-building.

In our 65 years of existence, we have initiated and developed more than twenty of programmes (Erasmus being the most well known), supported thousands of Europeans with grants and exchanges and helped put culture and cultural policies on the European agenda.

In lines with our previous and current work, and if Europe’s history is any indication, we will only successfully resurface from this crisis through a genuine European culture of cooperation and solidarity.

We are living in challenging times. Not only is the Corona pandemic a challenge for public health and the economy, but it is also a challenge to our way of life. Economic recession, health systems at a breakpoint, unemployment, social tensions, new borders, digital surveillance, nationalism. The way people across Europe deal with this unique situation will have profound implications on the future of Europe.

Now is the moment in time when foundations in Europe can join forces and collaborate beyond borders and sectors for the benefit of those facing enormous challenges. As foundations, we are independent and have room to take on a more bold approach. Each and one of us have a mission and an impact in our area and geography.

We need your help to reach out to your local, regional or national administrations to address the urgent needs for support for European cross-border solidarity and cooperation. We can provide you with the necessary tools to do this.

Contact Gunilla Redelius to learn more about how your support can contribute to new, innovative programmes for Europe.