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The European Pavilion

Europe is more than a collection of nation-states and it needs a different story to engage with its future.

The European Pavilion is an initiative by the European Cultural Foundation developed in collaboration with partners from across Europe. It is launched in 2020 with The European Pavilion Podcast

A cultural statement

How to encourage a creative and critical debate about Europe and awaken a European sentiment that fosters solidarity beyond national borders and interests? How to imagine our future and the future of Europe? With the idea of The European Pavilion, the ECF wants to challenge prevailing national perspectives and launch a thought-provoking arts initiative and a cultural statement: one that imagines cross-border European perspectives and addresses the way people, institutions and media feel and view Europe. In this endeavour, the pavilion represents both a symbol and a space rich in meanings and possibilities.


Throughout history, the meaning and function of a pavilion have varied greatly: from a tent, a free-standing construction that provides shade and a place to rest, to a suburban dwelling, or an exhibition space, pavilions have taken many shapes. Building on the plurality that is the very essence of the pavilion, we envision the European Pavilion as a constellation of different pavilions across the continent, which brings together different local and trans-local perspectives on Europe, and fuels imagination about our future among many diverse communities and publics.


To kick start our Pavilion, in July 2020 we organised a brainstorm meeting that brought together a group of curators, artists, and foundation representatives. As a follow-up, ECF is partnering with Camargo and Kultura Nova foundation to establish the ground for the launch of The European Pavilion in 2021. part of our 2020 Culture of Solidarity fund, we also supported a number of organisations whose projects resonate with the vision and aspiration of the Pavilion. To build a European Pavilion is a complex endeavour. That is why, throughout 2020, the ECF organised a series of conversations with personalities from the arts and culture, which are edited together as a series of podcasts. With the series, we wish to open up urgent questions that hover in any conversation about the future of Europe. Among the personalities that we had the chance and privilege to talk with are historian Timothy Snyder, novelist and essayist Rana Dasgupta, researcher Lara Garcia Diaz, activists Zamzam Ibrahim and Joci Marton, palaeontologist Tim Flannery, philosopher Tristan Garcia, artist Joanna Rajkowska.